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International Young Psychologists Society is a platform where the enthusiastic individuals who are thriving to be the change they want in the world come together and work limitlessly to achieve their goal. We aim to provide students abreast of Psychological problems with a strategy and an umbrella under which they can showcase their talent and take their juvenile strategies to an achievement. We aim is to generate endless opportunities for young generation through which they spread awareness among masses for better development of the youth. To build a healthy and prosper society which is knowledgeable of the factual and literal importance of mental health and how it affects our role in the society, Team IYPS is working ceaselessly. Read more

Founder Message

Ms Samra Afzal believes that through blood and sweat, one can achieve the goal. She has taken this initiative to generate a paradigm out of the stereotypes. In a state where women are oppressed and young adults are looked down upon, she believed not only in herself but in the individual like her.

Samra Afzal

Founder & President

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