Chlorination of Water

Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in drinking water and swimming pools so long as they are properly chlorinated. Adherence to current recommended disinfection practice is sufficient to “inactivate” the Covid-19 virus in chlorinated drinking water and swimming pools.Chlorination is the most commonly used method of water treatment in world for both drinking water and swimming pools. Has a “long history” of preventing waterborne illness, with the World Health Organisation recommending specific concentrations of chlorine in drinking water, as well as specific “contact time” needed to ensure dangerous germs are killed. There are three difference groups of viruses: enveloped viruses, surrounded by an outer lipid membrane; and large and small non-enveloped viruses, which lack this membrane.


Easier to kill

According to the advice note, enveloped viruses are easier to kill than non-enveloped viruses: “Sars-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak, is an enveloped virus and therefore the easiest to kill of the three types of viruses”. The World Health Organization recommended chlorination level of 15mg.min/liter is sufficient to kill non-enveloped viruses such as poliovirus, rotavirus and coxsackievirus, and an enveloped virus such as Covid-19 would be inactivated at even lower levels, the document says.

The same rationale applies to standards used to control microbiological hazards in swimming pools treated with disinfectant, it says, although the amount of chlorine required varies according to the type of pool or chlorination chemical used. Jacuzzis or other types of spa pools may need a higher amount, for example. Of all the organisms that threaten the purity of water supplies and swimming pools, cryptosporidium requires the highest dose of chlorine to be inactivated.

How to Get Public Places chlorinated in Pakistan.

Rescue teams in Pakistan are already taking this great initiative to spray chlorine in different public places like Mosques, Churches, parks, Edhi homes and Markets e.t.c. But they have also given option to public to request them for spray at their local mosques and other places where there are gatherings. For this purpose one has to submit a written application to DCO mentioning the place where they want to be sprayed.

Similarly if you want to Confirm about corona symptoms you can simply call “1192”, it is a special helpline just for Corona Related information. You can tell your symptoms if any and get cleared about your health.

May Allah shower his blessings upon us and give us the courage to overcome this difficult situation.



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