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The Life Initiates with Peace

Once upon a time, there was a society completely living a pleasant and relaxing life. The people of this community were leading a private life; it meant they had the freedom to do anything they wanted to do. Suddenly, social media interfered and interacted with them. At first, they appreciated it a lot but sooner […]

Ray of hope

We all are fully aware that these are dark times for people around the world, as the coronavirus continues to spread. Numbers of infections and fatalities are rising, cities and even countries are shutting and many people are being forced into isolation. But amid all the worrying news, there have also been reasons to find […]

Tale of survivor

Early History of the patient: I went to Iran on February 6 on a pilgrimage along with three of my close friends and some other pilgrims. We visited the holy shrines in the cities of Qom, Mashhad and Tehran and returned to Pakistan on Feb 20. By then, the coronavirus outbreak had hit Qom – […]

A Story of Resilience

Doctor Farooqi recalls isolation in hospital and gives insight into the on-ground situation. Initial History: I am from Pakistan and professionally a doctor living in New York. Covid-19, these days, has become the subject of every conversation here. That’s because New York — one of the most densely populated cities in the United States — has also […]

Testing & corona virus

Testing & corona virus The threat of coronavirus is growing globally even as the numbers continue to decline in China, where the virus was originally reported.Initial Steps initiated by Pakistani Government to Combat Coronavirus: In Pakistan, the federal government and the respective provincial governments have announced a number of measures to contain the spread of […]

Corona & Stress Management

FEW will dispute that we are facing the biggest global crisis of our generation. Covid-19 has now spread to almost all countries with over a million confirmed cases. In the earlier days of the pandemic, Dr Ghebreyesus, WHO director general, had stated: “This is not just a public health crisis, it is a crisis that […]

Out break of Coronavirus, Symptoms & Preventions

The world is facing challenges of multiple facets keeping in view climate change, international conflicts etc. The pandemic named as “Covid-19 is not only unique in its nature but also in its impacts, which can be felt beyond boundaries, religion, color and class. Since its inception, a lot of chaotic discussion emerged regarding its historical […]