The Life Initiates with Peace

Once upon a time, there was a society completely living a pleasant and relaxing life. The people of this community were leading a private life; it meant they had the freedom to do anything they wanted to do. Suddenly, social media interfered and interacted with them. At first, they appreciated it a lot but sooner or later their personal life got shifted to public’s property. I am also a part of this society. I will share my story of how I interacted with the social media sites and how these platforms interfered in my life. 

We always want to feel wanted, accepted and loved by others. It’s because we are humans. Once I was sitting in a circle of 20+ people at a party, I realized that nobody wanted to talk to me even though I saw one of my older friends in that group and she was drifting apart from me just because I don’t have some standards. I was the person who hates social media platforms. As I was an introvert and had less interest in interchanging conversations for hours over a phone so my connections with others got down and it made me feel worthless. Due to others, I changed myself and started using social media platforms. I was happy before that but after linking with those sites my life totally swapped.

I started going out with others. I’m sure you all had these meaningless outings which are full of people holding their smartphones to capture every single detail of the day. It’s tiring and brings negativity. I was getting exhausted with these fake friendships. My brain was getting overtired from these meaningless interactions with several people. Ever wonder why it feels so heavy sometimes? Like; you just need a break away from the human noise in complete silence. It’s scientifically proven that the human brain can maintain five relationships in their inner circle; and 150 in their outer circle.

Furthermore, we only do filters just because it might decorate reality for a stranger’s eye. It’s sad to see that people are still posting for the likes and comments of others. They might not care about the traits of a person and how good they can be. They only care about others’ “perfect” life and it keeps going on like this. Stalking random profiles, scrolling, clicking on something completely different, and suddenly noticing you’ve been doing this for over an hour. Is this really what you want to do with your whole day? Don’t let it get to you. Because numbers don’t define your worth; and your worth will never become any less just because someone doesn’t see it.

I quit social media for a year. It was the best and the most peaceful time I ever had. I made the whole year fruitful for me by observing nature and I started gardening, had pets and invested my best time in cooking especially baking. In my opinion, life without social media is soothing and stunning.

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